Strategic Themes

Explore ARTUZ’s strategic themes, guiding the journey toward educational excellence, labor justice, and empowerment for teachers and learners alike.

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Lobbying and Advocating for Social Change

This theme focuses on uniting teachers for joint action, advocating for social change, addressing human rights violations, promoting labor justice, and collaborating with sister unions to advance collective bargaining rights and address emerging issues such as climate change.

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Communication and Networking

The strategic theme of Communication and Networking involves enhancing ARTUZ’s visibility at national, regional, and international levels through effective communication practices and cultivating strong networks, actively augmenting communication capacity within the organization, ensuring nationwide physical presence, and leveraging effective communication to create a positive impact in the education sector and beyond.

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Capacity Development

Embarking on a journey of growth and empowerment, Capacity Development is a strategic theme that forms the bedrock of ARTUZ’s commitment to enhancing the skills, resources, and knowledge of its institution and members. Through targeted initiatives and sustainable practices, ARTUZ endeavors to fortify its organizational and individual capacities, driving positive change in pursuit of its overarching goals.

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Membership and Recruitment

In the pursuit of a stronger collective voice, the strategic theme of Membership and Recruitment takes center stage as ARTUZ aims to not only expand its membership base but also retain and engage existing members. Through strategic initiatives, the union seeks to build a diverse and robust membership representing various geographical areas, laying the foundation for a powerful movement advocating for the rights and well-being of rural teachers.

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