ARTUZ Strategic Theme

Lobbying and Advocating for Social Change

This thematic area focuses on uniting teachers for joint action, advocating for social change, addressing human rights violations, promoting labor justice, and collaborating with sister unions to advance collective bargaining rights and address emerging issues such as climate change.

Welcome to the heart of ARTUZ’s mission – the Lobbying and Advocating for Social Change theme. Here, our focus is on uniting teachers and workers to drive collective action and advocate for transformative societal shifts. In this narrative, discover the catalyst that propels us forward in reshaping the landscape of education and justice.

Lobbying and Advocating for Social Change

Main Focus

At the core of this strategic theme lies the power of unity – the convergence of teachers and workers in a joint mission for change. Solidarity amplifies our advocacy, creating a formidable force that stands at the forefront of societal transformation. This unity becomes the bedrock of our advocacy efforts.

Advocacy Framework:

In the intricate dance of advocacy, meticulous planning is our guiding star. This section unfolds the importance of a robust advocacy framework, ensuring that every effort strategically positions the welfare of teachers and learners as a top priority for policymakers. Learn how our planning is a blueprint for impactful change.

Systematic Change Initiatives:

We have multi-faceted initiatives that challenge systematic human rights violations, confront repressive laws, and promote labor justice and democracy. We address the broader societal factors contributing to inequality, embodying our commitment to effecting change at its roots.

Alignment with Emerging Issues:

Our vision extends beyond the present, acknowledging emerging issues like climate change. Our five-year plan aligns programs with these critical concerns, demonstrating our dedication to addressing the impact on underserved communities and preparing for a future that demands our attention.

Engagement with Sister Unions:

Collaboration is our cornerstone as we actively engage with sister unions to build consensus. As an affiliate of the Federation of Zimbabwe Educators, our participation in meetings and collaborations with other unions propels progressive strides in the ongoing fight for the right to collective bargaining.

Programs for Social Change:

Our concrete programs are designed to champion social change. From dialogues that reshape narratives to actions addressing human rights violations, each initiative is a testament to our active involvement in lobbying and advocating for a more just and equitable society.

Fight for Change!

The narrative doesn’t end here. Be part of this transformative force. Engage in ongoing dialogues, contribute to advocacy initiatives, and stand united for social change. Explore ways to amplify your voice and join hands in the collective pursuit of a society where justice, democracy, and equality prevail. The call to action is yours to answer.

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