Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe

ARTUZ is an organization committed to transforming the landscape of education in rural areas since its establishment in 2009. Our primary mission is the enhancement of working conditions for rural teachers, coupled with an unwavering dedication to uphold the fundamental right to education in Zimbabwe’s rural communities. Recognized as a credible and legitimate voice for teachers and the broader working class, ARTUZ stands as a beacon of advocacy and support.
Join us in our pursuit of a more equitable and just educational system for all in Zimbabwe’s rural regions.

Strategic Themes

Capacity Development

ARTUZ is committed to strengthening its capacity and that of its members through ongoing initiatives including the provision of providing paralegal training, and conducting digital and financial literacy workshops to empower members in leadership, legal matters, and practical skills.

Communication and Networking

ARTUZ is dedicated to enhancing its visibility nationally, regionally, and internationally by improving communication practices and cultivating strong networks, aiming to create a positive impact in the education sector and beyond through effective communication and meaningful connections with stakeholders.

Lobbying and Advocating for Social Change

ARTUZ actively engages in dialogue to prioritize the welfare of teachers and learners with policymakers, challenging human rights violations and repressive laws, promoting labor justice, democracy, and addressing emerging issues like climate change.

ARTUZ Chapters

Mashonaland East

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Matebeleland North

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Harare Chapter

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Bulawayo Chapter

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Midlands Chapter

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Manicaland Chapter

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