From Triumph to Triumph:

ARTUZ’s Impactful Initiatives Unveiled

In its pursuit to champion the rights of teachers and the broader working class, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has solidified its position as a credible and legitimate voice.

Safe Schools Victory: Defending Education Against Political Interference

Teachers, learners, and schools’ property were being abused by the ZANU PF party for private political interests, creating an unsafe and hostile environment within the educational system.

In 2017, under the Safe Schools Campaign, ARTUZ filed a complaint with the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) against ZANU PF’s abuse. This led to a comprehensive investigation by ZHRC, producing a damning report against ZANU PF. ARTUZ, in collaboration with Veritas, secured a court order barring ZANU PF from accessing schools, reinforcing the commitment to safe and secure educational environments.

Despite a technical reversal at the Supreme Court, ARTUZ remains undeterred. The Union has established a dedicated Safe Schools working group, actively pursuing holistic safety measures in schools. The intervention has raised awareness, triggered legal actions, and demonstrated the commitment to protecting the educational ecosystem against political interference.

Defending Teachers’ Voting Rights: A Legal Triumph for Electoral Inclusion

Teachers employed as polling officials faced disenfranchisement due to the the fact that they will be deployed in constituencies different from where they registered and the non-compliance of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) in facilitating their voting during the elections.

In June 2018, ARTUZ secured a court order compelling ZEC to facilitate the voting of teachers employed as polling officials. Despite ZEC’s non-compliance and the subsequent disenfranchisement of 40,000 teachers, ARTUZ’s research department documented the affected teachers, contributing evidence used in appealing against election outcomes at the Constitutional Court.

The legal triumph showcased ARTUZ’s commitment to electoral inclusion and the protection of teachers’ voting rights. The evidence contributed to an appeal against election outcomes at the Constitutional Court, highlighting the importance of fair representation and electoral rights for teachers.

Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures: ARTUZ’s Commitment to Education

Teachers and community members lacked access to essential civic education on digital literacy, labor law, leadership, climate change, human rights, sexual reproduction health, and entrepreneurship skills.

ARTUZ successfully offered civic education to 1,200 teachers and 525 community members. The Thandiwe Dube Leadership School, dedicated to the late founding Vice President, actively conducts these training programs. Collaborations with Pada Platform further enhance digital literacy in rural schools through specialized training.

The interventions have empowered teachers and community members with essential knowledge, fostering digital literacy, legal awareness, leadership skills, and a deeper understanding of critical topics. The Thandiwe Dube Leadership School stands as a testament to ARTUZ’s commitment to education and skill development.

Nurturing Learners, Fostering Welfare: ARTUZ’s Social Impact

Learners in schools lacked necessary resources, including exercise books and sanitary pads, and were affected by natural disasters like Cyclone Idai.

The Union’s welfare department mobilized resources for 3,200 learners, providing exercise books, sanitary pads, and support for Cyclone Idai victims. An ambassador in the United States of America mobilized additional resources for the affected learners.

The intervention significantly improved the welfare of learners, providing essential resources for education and addressing the impact of natural disasters. ARTUZ’s commitment to social impact and community support is demonstrated through these tangible results.

Advocating for Justice: ARTUZ’s Impact on Labor Reforms

Labor laws in Zimbabwe are inadequate, and teachers face injustices and challenges in their working and learning conditions.

Through protests like Pockets Out and Salary Caravan, ARTUZ played a pivotal role in necessitating dialogue for legislative reform. The focus was on the repeal of the Public Service Act and Statutory Instrument 141 of 1997. Despite state coercion and delegitimization attempts, ARTUZ remained steadfast in advocating for a democratic Zimbabwe.

The sustained efforts by ARTUZ led to significant progress, with the impending repeal of the outdated Public Service Act and Statutory Instrument 141 of 1997. A new legislative framework aligned with the constitution is in the works, marking a crucial step toward labor justice in Zimbabwe.

Growing Stronger: The Union’s Flourishing Membership and Partnerships

ARTUZ sought to strengthen its influence and impact by expanding its membership base and establishing partnerships with civic society organizations.

The Union’s membership surged to 35,320 associate members and 5,670 full members across 8 rural provinces. ARTUZ actively forged solid partnerships with civic society actors such as Citizens’ Manifesto, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, VERITAS, Counselling Service Unit, Heal Zimbabwe Trust, Zimbabwe Peace Project, and Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum. Additionally, ARTUZ applied to join the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and collaborated with the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe to advance teachers’ rights.

The significant growth in membership and strategic partnerships has enhanced ARTUZ’s influence and advocacy power. The Union’s presence across multiple provinces and collaborations with key organizations position it as a formidable force in championing the rights of teachers and the broader community.

Solidarity in Action: Supporting Members Against State Brutality

Members of ARTUZ faced state brutality, and there was a need for rapid response solidarity and advocacy for labor justice and democratic principles.

ARTUZ provided rapid response solidarity to members facing state brutality, including prison visits, welfare support, court assistance, legal support, and meticulous documentation of all violations. The Union consistently pushed for labor justice, inclusive access to quality education, and a democratic Zimbabwe.

The active intervention by ARTUZ provided crucial support to members victimized by state brutality. Through various initiatives, the Union has maintained its commitment to labor justice, access to quality education, and the overarching goal of a democratic Zimbabwe.

More Success Stories

Forging Alliances: ARTUZ’s Robust Collaborations for Social Change

In its pursuit of social change, ARTUZ has built strong partnerships with key civic society actors, including Citizens’ Manifesto, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, VERITAS, Counselling Service Unit, Heal Zimbabwe Trust, Zimbabwe Peace Project, and Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, among others. Beyond this, the teachers’ Union is actively seeking membership in the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and collaborates with the sister Union, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe, to champion and advance the rights of teachers.

Shaping the Future: ARTUZ’s Impactful Advocacy in the 2019 Education Bill Amendment

In 2019, ARTUZ played a pivotal role in amending the education bill, advocating for significant reforms. The Union actively campaigned for the prohibition of corporal punishment, the establishment of an education equalization fund, the promotion of safe school environments, decentralization of education planning through devolution, and enhancements to teacher welfare.

Insights Unveiled: ARTUZ’s Quarterly State of Education Reports in Focus

Consistently, ARTUZ has been instrumental in producing quarterly State of Education reports, dedicated to scrutinizing and enhancing the quality of learning, as well as advocating for the welfare of both teachers and learners.

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