ARTUZ Strategic Theme

Membership Recruitment and Retention

In the pursuit of a stronger collective voice, the strategic theme of Membership and Recruitment takes center stage as ARTUZ aims to not only expand its membership base but also retain and engage existing members.

Welcome to the heart of our movement! At ARTUZ, we recognize that membership recruitment and retention are not just strategies; they are the lifeblood of our collective vision. As we embark on this journey, the significance of a robust membership cannot be overstated. Each member is a vital piece of the puzzle, contributing to the power and influence that propels ARTUZ toward its mission of transforming the educational landscape for rural teachers. Join us in exploring the profound impact that each membership holds, as we forge ahead, united in our pursuit of justice, empowerment, and a brighter future for education.

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Current Membership Landscape

Step into the dynamic realm of ARTUZ’s current membership landscape. With a thriving community of 7,534 subscribing members, our foundation is solid. Yet, this is just the beginning. Our eyes are set on a grander horizon – a community of 18,000 strong. This growth is not a mere statistic; it’s a testament to the collective strength we wield, amplifying our voice in the pursuit of justice and equity.

Strategic Focus

In the intricate dance of membership dynamics, we focus on two key moves: retention and transformation. We are not just preserving the flame within our existing 7,534 members; we are igniting the potential within 3,800 non-subscribing individuals. This strategic ballet is designed not only to swell our numbers but to infuse the union with diverse voices, perspectives, and a shared commitment to empower rural teachers.

Voice Amplification and Resource Expansion

At ARTUZ, our membership isn’t just a number; it’s a chorus of voices harmonizing for change. We actively amplify the voices of rural teachers in labor justice processes, ensuring their concerns echo where it matters. As our membership swells, so does our capacity to effect change. More members mean more resources – a currency we invest in initiatives that resonate with the heartbeat of our mission.

Join Us Today!

Now, it’s your turn to shape this narrative. Join our movement, and let your membership be the catalyst for transformative change. Every subscribing member isn’t just a supporter; they are a driving force, steering us toward a future where educational justice is a reality for every rural teacher. Become a part of ARTUZ today and contribute to the collective strength that propels us forward. Together, we are the architects of change, and your membership is the cornerstone of this transformative journey.

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