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Founded in 2009, the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) emerged from a collective determination to enhance the working conditions of rural educators and champion the right to education in Zimbabwe’s rural regions. Originally established as the Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) in 2013, its launch in Harare marked the beginning of a relentless pursuit to improve both the livelihoods of citizens in rural areas and the professional circumstances of rural teachers.

The union’s genesis traces back to 2009 when the government introduced an incentive scheme that disproportionately favored urban teachers. In response, rural teachers convened in Gweru that same year, resolving to form an autonomous, issues-based union—RTUZ—to amplify their collective voice in advocating for their demands. Despite state efforts to sow confusion with a rival union, the RTUZ, later renamed ARTUZ in 2016, persevered, incorporating new members and maintaining a clear distinction from the state-backed counterpart.

Our Vision

A Zimbabwe with motivated teachers and inclusive access to education and labour justice

Our Mission

To capacitate and unite teachers in advocating for inclusive access to quality education, labour justice and solidarity.

The Leadership

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Our Values


ARTUZ values fairness and justice, ensuring that all teachers, especially those in rural areas, receive equal opportunities and treatment.


ARTUZ fosters unity and support among teachers, building a collective strength to address common challenges and aspirations.


ARTUZ prioritizes responsibility and transparency, holding itself and others answerable for actions and decisions.


ARTUZ values bravery and fearlessness, empowering its members to confront adversity and advocate for their rights boldly.


ARTUZ upholds the importance of effectiveness and resource optimization in achieving its goals and advocating for teachers’ rights.

Selfless Service
ARTUZ emphasizes putting the needs of teachers and the community first, embodying a commitment to serving others without personal gain.

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