As the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), we wish to express our profound gratitude to Honorable J Kuka for standing in solidarity with teachers and civil servants during these challenging times of a severe economic crisis. Hon Kuka recently held the government accountable by boldly posed a question to the government regarding their policy on Cost of Living Adjustment.

It is high time that salaries are adjusted in alignment with the cost of living, not only to set a precedent for the private sector but also to ignite motivation within our own workforce.

The glaring disparity between the skyrocketing poverty levels and the meager salary increments is a stark reminder of the  government’s failure to prioritize the well-being of its citizens.

The recent revelation that the Total Consumption Poverty Level for an individual skyrocketed by an astonishing 177% from January to February has sent shockwaves throughout our nation.

While the government deemed it fit to address this alarming increase, their response in terms of salary increments for civil servants falls grossly short.

A mere 6.6% adjustment for USD salaries and a paltry 49% for RTGS salaries is an insult to the hardworking individuals who contribute tirelessly to the growth and development of our country.

Thus, ARTUZ unreservedly supports Honorable J Kuka’s efforts in bringing the issue of civil servants’ salaries to the forefront of national discourse in Parliament. He has showcased a deep commitment to justice and equality.

Moreover, as we embark on the second day of our powerful job action, we passionately implore educators to hold onto their indomitable resolve in our persistent resistance in the quest of a dignified livelihood. We emphatically assert that education is not a bestowed privilege, but an inalienable birthright that must be within reach of every individual.

Therefore, we adamantly and without reservation demand an all-encompassing evaluation of salaries that harmonizes with the actual cost of survival.

This is not a mere plea for justice; it is an impassioned outcry to shield the calibre of education bequeathed to our children, unscathed by the hardships we valiantly endure.

In conclusion, and considering the circumstances at hand, we resolutely denounce the inflexible austerity policies imposed by the government, policies that unjustly oppress diligent teachers and civil servants. These policies disproportionately burden those who work tirelessly, perpetuating discrimination and inequality.